Manage team leave with Slack.

No more messy spreadsheets or lost email chains, get set-up in just 5 minutes.

Request. Approve. Track. Manage.

Just a few simple /commands to take control of your company leave.

Request leave easily

No matter if you need a week off or just an afternoon, requests are easy to make and can be tracked right in Slack.

Get faster approval

Your leave requests are sent to your team approvers for them to approve or deny, you are then notified as soon as they do.

Keep track of your requests

It’s easy to forget what time you’ve already booked off, with LeeveBot you can quickly view all of your pending, approved and denied leave requests.

Plus lots more…

  • View your remaining leave

    Quickly check how many requestable leave days you have left for the year.

  • View team leave

    Team approvers can view the leave for the entire team with just one command.

  • Who's off today?

    We broadcast one update every morning to let everyone on the team know who is off that day.

  • View past leave

    View an archive of all past leave taken either by yourself or your team*. (*approvers only)


We’re currently in public beta, LeeveBot is free to use during this period and afterwards you’ll have 7 days to choose to upgrade to the paid plan if you enjoy it.

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